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Home security - have you heard about the Ultion lock?

Updated: Aug 27, 2018

Have you heard about the Ultion? 

It’s a lock for your doors.

When the Ultion is in Lockdown Mode nothing’s getting through it.

The Ultion lock comes with a £1000 guarantee!

It’s been tried and tested…

The Ultion is approved by the police who regard the lock concept as ‘designing out crime’ with physical security.

It is also approved by the British Standards.

Kitemark is the standard of excellence recognised around the world. Ultion is accredited with the Kitemark highest 3-star rating. Ultion meets the highest TS007 standard (3 stars) without needing to be bolstered with the support of cylinder protectors or extra secure door handles.

73% of burglaries are through the front or back door. Unfortunately, quite often, those doors aren’t locked.

Some property owners go to great lengths to make sure they have a sturdy front door and neglect the other doors in their property. More often than not, a burglar will enter through the back door so as to not be spotted by a passerby. A lot of burglars are unskilled people, however, some are smart and devious - attending locksmith courses to become experts and masters of crime. 

On average it takes about 9.2 seconds for an intruder to break a standard lock on a door. The Ultion lock is different from a standard lock in many ways.

Brisant are the designers of the Ultion lock. It is tried and tested and the flagship for locksmiths. Few locks survive the tests designed by the Master Locksmith Association and carried out by locksmiths, the Ultion past all the tests!

What happens when the Ultion lock detects an intruder?

The moment that Ultion detects forced entry it activates an attack lock directly into the central cam of the lock cylinder, this is ‘Lock Down Mode’.

Even if the most determined intruder gets past Ultion’s two sacrificial sections he won’t get to the attack lock because it is protected deep inside a solid molybdenum core and secured with a dedicated retaining pin.

Here comes the technical stuff…

Molybdenum is used in high strength superalloys. Its sixth highest melting point of any alloy and ability to withstand pressures up to 300,000 pounds per square inch are why it features in the production of military aircraft and housing the attack lock in Ultion.

What happens when an intruder tries to tamper with the Ultion lock?

Even when an Ultion lock has been tampered whilst the intruder attempted to enter your home, you can still operate your lock normally from the inside. Leaving you in complete control of your security.

How many of you leave your key in the door when you lock it?

It’s something we all do, we lock the door and leave the key in the lock on the inside. Even with the most snap secure locks leaving the key in the lock can completely remove any snap protection you thought you had. However, the Ultion is still snap secure with the key on the inside of the lock, so, turning the key does mean locked!

Can the lock get broken another way?

Normally debris such as fragments from coins and other keys can stick to lock barrels that use magnets, the debris can drop into the lock barrels and jam the lock.

The Ultion keeps itself clean in three ways:

• No magnets

• No large hole

• Wipes clean

Lockdown mode in action watch the video of how lockdown mode works to protect your home. Find out more about Ultion Key Control

Your Ultion lock key comes with an encrypted code.  

The Ultion lock website gives you lots of really good information including a facility to find out what theft crime has happened in your location.

Is it time you reviewed your home security?

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