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Stop the intruders!!

We have been busy cleaning windows and doors in Surbiton, Esher and Thames Ditton over the last few months.

It's all well and good having clean windows and doors but it's really important that you think about security too.

Now and then we arrive at a customer's property only to find that they have broken windows and doors having being burgled during the night. It's very sad to see the owner having gone through such a distressing and expensive experience. Sometimes, it is enough to cause a business to fold.

The rise in crime continues but so does property owner's awareness. It's great to see people sharing posts on social media revealing culprits who are going on people's properties and to their front doors only to be captured by CCTV or other cameras that people are now installing around their front doors and different entrances to their properties.

The good advice that we can give due to talking to our unfortunate customers when they have been broken into is:

Not only should you have good security on the front of your property but don't forget the backdoors, they do get neglected and in a large percentage of cases, a burglar enters through the backdoor.

Stop the intruders!

Use this simple checklist to prevent you becoming a victim or limit the impact a break in has on your life:

  • Are you insured?

  • Is your property secure with appropriate locks?

  • Do you have an alarm fitted?

  • Do you have security cameras?

  • Have you made sure that there is nothing outside your property that can be used to help a burglar break into your property? A ladder propped against the wall for example

  • Do you have good security lighting?

  • Do you know how you are entitled to protect you and your property legally? For example, if someone was to break in whilst you are in the property do you know how you can react within the boundaries of the law?

  • Have you joined a neighbourhood watch scheme?

  • Do you know who has keys and others access to your property?

  • Do you keep track and records of anyone that does maintenance on your property that has been inside and knows your security set up?

  • Have you asked other people around you who own properties to keep an eye out for suspicious behaviour and offered to do the same for them?

  • If you are going away have you asked a friend to visit the property to check it and move delivered post away from the entrance door?

  • Do you need to use a timer for lighting in your property to make sure it looks occupied?

  • Are you up to date with all the latest security features, fittings and gadgets that are available? There are some great things out there now like 'Ring', you can see who is knocking at the door and talk to the person whilst you aren't even in the building

  • Do you need to tell your local police if you are closing down your property for a while?

  • Do you need to update your insurance company with regards to more expensive items being stored in your property?

  • Have you checked all of your doors and windows to make sure that they are secure?

That short list will keep you thinking for a while and we really hope it helps. The smallest of steps or actions can stop you becoming a victim of crime.

Stay safe, be smart.

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