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Women window cleaners

Why would I want to be a window cleaner?

For starters I love water and the great outdoors. Secondly, it's healthy to get away from my desk job where I sit writing for hours and finally, I actually get some sleep now!

Yes, it's not glamorous but I still wear makeup and do my hair before I start my day. However, after 6 hours of working the poles (pure water pole system) and creating endless figures of 8 with my squeegee, I look like I've had a hard day - especially if it's raining.

That's right, we clean come rain or shine, that's the great thing about using pure water.

Cleaning windows, whether it be a house, flat, shop or car showroom is really therapeutic. You get instant results for your hard work.

Call me weird (a lot of people do) but when I walk away from a block of flats with sore arms and look back at their sparkling windows, it feels good.

The social aspect of the job is great, I get to meet people and animals from all walks of life. The children waving at me from their bedroom windows, the cats trying to catch the droplets of water from the inside of the windows and the grateful mother who asks me to wash her baby's window really carefully because she has finally got the baby to sleep - she looks exhausted (I remember that mum feeling). I see the old man sitting in his chair reading, the passers by staring at me because you don't see many women window cleaners and I get thanked by residents who really appreciate the removal of bird poo off their windows.

I get to spend hours looking at expensive cars as I squeegee the huge windows in car showrooms trying really hard not to splash them. Moving carefully around a vehicle with a price tag of £150,000 is a bit daunting. I get to listen to people talking about their lives, sharing it with me or telling other people - their woes, happy stories and dreams.

I won't keep going on, there's so much I could say - there always is and I always do.

Next time you look at a window cleaner, there's most probably a lot more to them than meets the eye. Just because they hold a bucket and make windows shine doesn't mean they are simpletons struggling to make money, I know that is some people's perception of window cleaners.

Believe me, I hold my bucket with pride - I have another skill set now and when I sit down and start tapping on my keyboard with achy arms, I feel like I've really achieved something...

I've made a difference to people's lives, even if it is just removing bird poo.

Call me today for window cleaning services in Eaton Bray, Edlesborough and Leighton Buzzard. 07800887857.

Kind regards, Rachel

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