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Have you looked out of your windows lately?

Have you looked out of your windows lately?

Can you see clearly or is everything a blur?

If you don’t already have a window cleaner and cleaning your windows are not a priority, this month your view will be dusty and the spiders will have been busy spinning webs around your window frames and sills.

The annoying bird poop...

We have had days of beautiful sunshine, hot temperatures and our lawns are getting dry. Birds have a habit of pooping in the middle of a windowpane and the trees drop leaves that get caught up in the cobwebs.

Maybe it’s time for a service on your windows and conservatory - get the experts in to help you see more clearly.

Clean windows make a massive difference - physically and mentally. It's great to see clean windows and when you've had them cleaned, 'it's one less thing to worry about'.

The good old days!

When it comes to the actual process of cleaning windows, traditional window cleaning involves the agitation and removal process. Normally you agitate with an applicator which stirs the dirt on the windows into a solution and then with the use of a squeegee you remove the dirty water.

Out with the old, in with the new!

More and more window cleaners are now using the pure water system. This method uses normal tap water that has been filtered through a purifying system.

The cleaning process when using the pure water system removes natural minerals from the water such as calcium which is the main cause of white spots on the window when they dry.

When using the pure water system there is no need for detergent. With the water-fed pole system, the windows are scrubbed with highly purified water, rinsed and then left to dry.

However, it's not as easy as it looks - there is a technique to it so don't go thinking you can buy a bottle of purified water and scrub your windows expecting perfect results.

Not only does the pure water system give you a spotless finish, you save water using this method too.

Using a pure water system to clean your windows gives you a spot-free finish every time.

Call us today for a quote to make your life a lot more clear. Speak to Erol on 07770934916.

Find out more about purified water:

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